The National Organization for Women aims to take action to bring true equality for all women in America, and toward a fully equal partnership of the sexes.

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Abortion Law Repeal Demonstration


New York NOW demonstrated for abortion law repeal. Among the chapter demonstrators was Kate Millet carrying a sign that read, “Nobody should legislate my rights to my body.”

EEOC hearings picket


EEOC hearings in New York City were picketed by New York NOW when NOW was refused permission to testify or take part in final round table discussion concerning “Discrimination in White Collar Employment” that included representatives from the finance, insurance, communications, banking industries and 100 major corporations with headquarters in New York City.

EEOC Nationwide Demonstrations


NOW held simultaneous demonstrations at EEOC field offices across the country. The demonstration sites included New York, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Chicago, and Atlanta, and emphasized the EEOC’s failure to end sex-segregated job advertising. Demonstrators in San Francisco included national NOW Treasurer Inka O’Hanrahan, Vice President Aileen Hernandez, Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon.

Minutes from the Second National Conference of NOW

Minutes of the National Organization for Women Conference

The annual meeting of the National Organization for Women was held in the meeting rooms of the Mayflower Hotel in Washington DC, November 18, and 19, 1967. The meeting was called at 9:00 AM, Saturday, November 18, 1967, in the Chinese Room.

President Betty […]

National Board Meeting


At the NOW National Board Meeting in Chicago, IL, by-laws were adopted by the Board incorporating the revisions specified by the October 1966 National Conference. These by-laws provided for the establishment of chapters.

The Task Forces established by the Board at this meeting were: Equal Opportunity of Employment; Legal and Political Rights; Education; Women […]

Founding Conference

NOW held its founding conference on October, 29-30, 1968 in Washington, D.C.

Election results:

Betty Friedan: president Kay Clarenbach: chair of the board Aileen Hernandez: vice president (elected in absentia with consent) Richard Graham: vice president Caroline Davis: secretary-treasurer


To refine our policies and establish our specific goals, NOW set up seven Task Forces:


Founding of the National Organization for Women


At the Third Annual Conference of Commissions on the Status of Women in Washington, D.C., the failure of the EEOC to enforce Title VII of the Civil Rights Act prompted the formation of NOW. Twenty-eight women contributed $5 each to help fund its organization: Ada Allness, Mary Evelyn Benbow, Gene Boyer, Analoyce Clapp, Kathryn […]