The National Organization for Women aims to take action to bring true equality for all women in America, and toward a fully equal partnership of the sexes.

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Past Events

1970/08/26: “Women’s Strike for Equality” in NY, LA, SF, DC, Chicago, & Indianapolis

1970/08/10: Statue of Liberty demonstration (NY)

1970/07/31: NOW pickets NAM and the EEOC (nationwide)

1970/03/20: Fourth National Conference


1969/05/04-11: Freedom for Women Week

1969/02/09: Public Accommodations Week

1968/12/27-1969/05/26: NASA Protest


1968/12/06-08: Third National Conference

1968/09/07: Miss America Protest

1968/09/05: Colgate-Palmolive boycott

1968/07/22-26: New York Times Protest

1968/02/29: Abortion law repeal demonstration

1968/01/15: EEOC hearings picket


1967/12/14: EEOC Nationwide Demonstrations

1967/11/18-19: Second National Conference

1967/08/30:  New York Times Picket

1967/02/22-23: National Board Meeting


1966/10/29-30: NOW’s Founding Conference 

1966/06/28-29: The Founding of the National Organization for Women (NOW)