The National Organization for Women aims to take action to bring true equality for all women in America, and toward a fully equal partnership of the sexes.

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The First Congress to Unite Women held in New York City

Initiated by NOW, the First Congress to Unite Women was held to create a fusion of moderate and radical feminist interests. The conference was coordinated and chaired by New York NOW President, Ivy Bottini, and attended by more that 500 feminists. Three other regional conferences were held in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

Pittsburgh NOW has filed charges against the Pittsburgh Press

Pittsburgh NOW filed charges of sex discrimination against the Pittsburgh Press because of the paper’s continued use of sex-segregated “Help Wanted” ads, despite integrated precedents and EEOC guidelines which prohibit sex-segregated “help wanted” ads .

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Colgate-Palmolive Case - Victory!

NOW has won a victory in the Colgate-Palmolive case when the Appeals Court ruled that any weight-lifting test must be applied to all employees, male and female, and forbade separate male/female seniority lists. The Court also ruled any union contracts restricting jobs women could bid on were illegal and awarded back pay to the women.


People v. Belous


NOW celebrated a victory in the People v. Belous case when the state supreme court found California’s 100 year-old abortion law unconstitutional. Dr. Leon Belous, a member of NOW, had insisted on defending himself on constitutional grounds against the charge of making illegal abortion referrals.

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Executive Order 11375


After considerable pressure from NOW and other women’s rights groups, public hearings were held on the Department of Labor’s proposed sex discrimination guidelines to be issued to implement Executive Order 11375.

Join NOW in ensuring the proper and complete implementation of all equal employment opportunity legislation!

Mother’s Day Protest

During “Freedom for Women Week” NOW held a demonstration in front of the White House, in Chicago, Albuquerque and Los Angeles.

Signs read: “Rights, not Roses.”


NOW declares “Freedom For Women Week”

NOW has declared that 5/4-5/11/69 is “Freedom for Women Week”. Join now in demonstrations across the country for the equality of women! Declare your freedom, or freedom for the women in your life!

Sports Task Force Establishment


NOW’s National Board established a Sports Task Force. Its first objective is to integrate the Soapbox Derby.


Ivy Bottini, a founder of the New York Chapter of NOW and a graphic designer, at the request of Aileen Hernandez, has created the new NOW logo!

Women's Studies in Universities

NOW Chapters were involved in efforts to establish women’s studies courses at universities in California, Michigan and at newly co-educational Princeton University.

The first accredited women’s studies course appeared in the spring curriculum of Cornell University in New York State as a result of efforts by the recently formed Cornell-Ithaca Chapter of NOW!