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EEOC holds public hearings!

On May 2nd and 3rd, EEOC hearings were held in Washington, D.C on protective labor legislation, sex-based discrimination in advertising and pension plans. These hearings are the result of the petition filed in December 1966 by the NOW Legal Committee, urging that the discriminatory guidelines on sex-segregated classified advertising in newspapers be rescinded, and that the EEOC substitute clear and unequivocal guidelines suggested by Congresswoman Martha Griffiths.

NOW members demonstrate at EEOC field offices across the country in protest of EEOC’s failure to end sex-segregated “Help Wanted” advertising.

Congratulations, NOW! We have successfully compelled the EEOC to take preliminary action; let’s not stop the fight. Continue to support NOW!

UPDATE: In December, four NYC newspapers, including the New York Times, de-sexigrate their Help Wanted ads!



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