The National Organization for Women aims to take action to bring true equality for all women in America, and toward a fully equal partnership of the sexes.

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Report of the Task Force on Women and Religion

Task Force on Women and Religion (1967)

All Conference Resolution:

Be it resolved that NOW recognizes that it is the right of women to participate fully on an equal basis with men at all levels and in all areas of church life and practice.

Task Force Statement

Tenet: We hold that discrimination based on sex is destructive of religious values. We oppose discrimination based on sex and the religious teachings and laws which cause or reinforce it.

Action: 1. Encourage woman to enter professional theological fields and work to ensure job opportunities for women.

2. Strive to open the priesthood and ministry to women in religious groups where it is now forbidden.

3. Strive to integrate religious organizations and societies which are segregated solely on the basis of sex.

4. Promote the principle of equal pay for equal work in all institutions conducted by religious groups.

5. Integrate religious-sponsored institutions such as schools, colleges and seminaries.

Task Force on Women In Poverty (1967)

The Task Force on Women in Poverty urged the board of NOW to call a national conference on “Women in Poverty” to deal with special problems of women in poverty and urged women to attend such conferences held by other groups to speak directly for the rights and needs of women. Discriminatory practices within the Job Corps and other poverty programs were deplored. Action was urged of the membership to correct unequal representation of women on policy-making bodies of poverty programs.

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