The National Organization for Women aims to take action to bring true equality for all women in America, and toward a fully equal partnership of the sexes.

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The House holds hearings on educational discrimination

NOW has long agitated for hearings to be held on education discrimination, and finally the U.S. House held the first hearings of it’s kind in United States history resulting in 1,250 pages of testimony.

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Congratulations, Diane Crump!

NOW congratulates Diane Crump, the first woman jockey to ever ride in the Kentucky Derby!

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NOW establishes a Federal Compliance Committee

NOW has established a Federal Compliance Committee tasked specifically with developing a program and procedures for filing sex discrimination complaints with the Office of Federal Contract and the EEOC. The objective of this committee is to push for the enforcement of federal equal opportunity laws for women.

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Detroit NOW’s Ecumenical Task Force

Women of Detroit NOW’s ecumenical task force (the task force on women and religion) burned part of the newly release Roman Missal which restricted the right of women to be speakers at Catholic Mass.

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Professional Women’s Caucus

NOW’s Dr. JoAnn Evansgardner and attorney and former President of the  New York Women’s Bar Association, Doris Sassower organized the Professional Women’s Caucus, attended by more than 300 women, to work towards women’s rights, child care and to initiate women’s studies courses and programs.

NOW files sex discrimination charges against Harvard

NOW filed sex discrimination charges against Harvard and millions of dollars in government contracts were held up for weeks until Harvard agreed to submit information on its women employees and students.

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A call to strike for equality!

Before handing NOW presidency over to former executive vice-president Aileen Hernandez, Betty Friedan made one last move to call for a 24-hour general strike by women to be held on August 26th, the 50th anniversary of the victory of the women’s suffrage movement.

“This is not a war to be fought in the bedroom, but in the city, in the political arena.”  –Betty Friedan

NOW’s Fourth National Conference


Election results:

  • President: Aileen Hernandez
  • Chair of the Board: Wilma Scott Heide

At NOW’s Fourth National Conference in Des Plaines, IL, during a two-hour “farewell address,” retiring president Betty Friedan called for a “Women’s Strike for Equality” on August 26.

NOW Membership 3033; NOW Annual Budget $38,000.


NOW disrupts Senate hearing on ERA

20 members of NOW, led by Wilma Scott Heide and Jean Witter disrupted the Senate hearings on the 18-year old vote to demand the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment.

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NOW demonstrates at the Los Angeles Hall of Justice

NOW staged a large demonstration at the Los Angeles Hall of Justice to protest the prosecution of several doctors who had performed abortions.

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